Metallic Colours


The CULR range also includes 3 metallic colours of copper, silver and gold which can be used on their own or blended with other CULR pigments to achieve even more unique colour effects. Owing to their different density, the metallic CULR pigments behave differently in resin compared to the SHIMR metallic powder pigments, generally the metallic particles in the CULR pigments will rise to the top of resin, rather than sinking into it, creating a metallic effect which seems to sit above the other colours.


Metallic colour sets contain:

Polished Copper, Polished Silver, Polished Gold


How to Use


CULR™ pigments are super-easy to use; just drip the desired amount of any colour into either mixed resin and hardener or into just the resin side only (if you want to pigment the resin in advance of using it).


Depending on the strength of the colour required and the actual colour you’re using, you’ll need between 0.1% and 1% of pigment*. The tables below provide an easy reference as to how much pigment to add or simply keep adding drops until you get the desired colour strength. Remember that CULR pigments are super-concentrated and so you only need a tiny amount to achieve stunning, vivid colours.


Pigment Ratio Guide


For Most Colours, Including Metallics:


Amount of resin 50g 100g 1kg 5kg 32kg
Translucent tint < 1 drop 1 drop 6 drops 30 drops 10g
Solid opaque colour 17 drops 34 drops 10g 50g 320g



For Red, Yellow and White


Amount of resin 50g 100g 1kg 5kg 32kg
Translucent tint < 1 drop 1 drop 6 drops 30 drops / 1.5g 10g
Solid opaque colour 40 drops / 2.5g 4g 40g 200g 1200g



Some of the bright colours (such as Tangy Yellow and Tomato Red) are so pure and bright that they will remain slightly translucent, even at higher concentrations. To make these colours opaque, simply add a small amount of Super White.




CULR pigments are designed specifically for use with clear epoxy resins. They have been thoroughly tested with the GlassCast range of casting and coating resins but should also work with most other clear epoxy systems, although we always recommend conducting a test first.

CULR pigments are not suitable for use with alternative resin types such as polyurethane.

CULR Epoxy Pigment - Metallic Colour Starter Set (3x20ml)


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