Silicone oil dispersion media for resin art cells


Detailed Description


Our high quality silicone cell dispersion media is for use in epoxy resin art to create amazing cells and lacing effects. The product reacts with the epoxy resin and to create cell like effects, lacing and movement between the different colours resulting in circular formations and bold patterns and effects. It is a great addition to your resin art kit and is the ideal product to help achieve wave effects in the ever popular ocean pieces.


Celz™ Silicone Oil Dispersion Media works perfectly with GlassCast 3 Epoxy Coating Resin to create stunning Resin Art.


This silicone cell dispersion medium is available in a handy 50ml pack size with an easy-to-use twist top dispenser nozzle, allowing you to add a couple of drops to your pigmented epoxy resin in order to create the effects. Silicone cell dispersion medium is compatible with epoxy resin like the GlassCast Resin range, however it should be used sparingly.


Instructions for Use


As stated above this medium should be used sparingly to avoid pitting in the resin surface.

  • Prepare surface to be poured (if required)
  • Measure and mix the epoxy resin for the artwork
  • Pigment the resin with epoxy compatible pigments
  • Just prior to pouring – add a few drops of Silicone Cell Dispersion Medium (apply a few drops to one colour or distribute evenly)
  • Swirl into resin, do not mix
  • Pour immediately to create cells and lacing


If you have used too much silicone cell dispersion medium you may notice areas of pitting or craters where the resin does not lie flat, once cured the surface can be cleaned and a clear coat applied if required.


The medium can be applied directly to the surface to create larger cells, although this process will usually require further cleaning of the cured surface and a clear flood coat.




Silicone Oil Dispersion Media for Resin Art is super slippy! While it is fantastic for creating cells in resin artwork it can cause serious side-effects which can make it almost impossible for anything to bond to your first pour, including additional layers of resin. Thorough cleaning is a must!

Celz Silicone Oil 50ml


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